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Trading or trading porn?

..if $SPY was up 3 days in a row into a FOMC day, it was also up that day 15/15 times. This is a tweet that was all over my timeline yesterday.  I don’t know the intention of the tweet nor the context.   I didn’t reach out to the guy to find out.  ButContinue Reading

This isn’t show friends it is show business.

It is easy to get caught up in the emotions of the market.  It is easy to take it personal. It is easy to think that the market has it out for you. Do not take the easy way out. The truth is, with the exception of a few big players, the market does notContinue Reading

The hidden losses.

Hidden losses occur when you do not get out on the best tick. It is impossible to always get out on the best tick and even harder if you are not trading multiple contracts. Not saying everyone should trade multiple contracts, it could also be that your trading plan does not allow it. But IContinue Reading

Why simulating trading is different from live trading.

Every trader starts off on a simulator, most do well.  I am not for or against simulating trading, it is important. When smacking up against the reality of real money it is important to retrain yourself from the sim mindset.   It is nice to lob up half court shots all day but it onlyContinue Reading

Zero Hedge gets it wrong… again.

I get it, the world is ending and no one is making money.  If Tyler Durden and his readers want to believe that, please do.  To each is own but where the line needs to be drawn is misleading and false conclusions. The CFTC has just released two new reports looking at volume in variousContinue Reading

Getting ran over by the bull and eaten by the bear.

There were many times when I continued to sell into a ferocious rally and times when I bought breaks when the market was collapsing.  If I had the unfortunate circumstance of getting past my stuck short/long mentality and tried to buy a rally/sell a break I would undoubtedly buy the high/low or get stopped out on theContinue Reading

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