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Getting undressed by window dressing…

Window dressing occurs when a trader is short and the market rallies and until recently was only limited to the end of month but it now can occur at any point. See many trades tell themselves lies. For example, there is only one way to make money. That if you make money doing one thingContinue Reading

When will this rally end?

What everyone always forgets is that information does nothing to the market, orders do.  Information can and does cause action but information is about the story.  What does the market believe or what can you get the market to believe.  Show a little bit in “your” direction and viola bias can be confirmed. Early experience.Continue Reading

Two types of confidence.

First if you haven’t read it check out David Blair of Crosshair Trader recent post.  The infographic and explanation is one the best I have seen that maps out the difference between struggling and successful traders. Welcome back.  David’s post along with a conversation I had with someone who is trying to become a trader madeContinue Reading

Preventing yourself from taking bad risks.

There is hardly a day that goes by that I do not see someone sprint out into traffic to save 30 seconds.   They risk being hit to save that time.  What are they thinking?  What lead them to think the risk was worth it?  I can not blame for the risk as much asContinue Reading

How patience held me back today.

Patience with a reason pays. Doing anything with a reason pays. Yesterday, there was not much to do. I traded 7 a side.  I never got a chance to get a full position.  I made a little money but it was not in a repeatable way.  Meaning it could have gone either way. I saveContinue Reading

Three stages of trading objectives.

I am looking back on how my objective as a trader has evolved.  It is funny how much theory and application changes how you view things.  Letting the market/situation change how you view it is important.  Everybody comes in with some expectations and it is constant race to keep the spread tight between expectation and reality.Continue Reading

Would you watch your ex-girlfriend making out with her new boyfriend? h/t @gtotoy

The always wise @GTOToy made a point and it should be emphasized. There is no doubt in my mind as a trader you have to be somewhat of a masochist.  There are many potentially painful moments.  There are rarely days that I can go back and say I did it perfectly.  That is ok, you do notContinue Reading

Getting what you think about and what if your target is hit.

There are many thoughts that pop into your head throughout the trading day. Some are good and some are bad.  One thing to remember is that they are all helpful and provide insight to your internal barometer. You get what you think about.   If you are always thinking about not losing you are going to haveContinue Reading

Resting orders, trading plans, and intuition/fear signal crossing.

Originally appeared November 2010 I have had a nice email exchange over the past week. Originally we had talked about pulling the trigger, I asked him to send me his trading plan. In addition he asked me my opinion on resting orders. A plan is only as effective as your ability to accept the consequencesContinue Reading

Email: How much should I risk per trade?

From email: “I guess the short of it would be what % of capital should your average trade be? I understand theres so many variables that effect the answer to that question, but still am curious. I’m trading around 40k right now, and have only been trading live for a little over a month. MostContinue Reading

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