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Getting over hurdles and what to do once it happens.

Got an awesome email the other day I thought it might be helpful for everyone. The content of your post today could not be more relevant to the issue that I have been dealing with as of late. Not to sound like a weirdo, but it’s almost as if it was a sign to meContinue Reading

How over trading develops into a problem.

There are a few things to consider when analyzing how much you are trading.  For me it is volatility and efficiency.  There is nothing I can do about volatility but efficiency is something I look constantly.  If you do not look at efficiency you are always prone to the following problems. False sense of risk. Every trade hasContinue Reading

It never lasts forever.

If you have read the blog for awhile you know the story about the first day I sat down at my own machine.  I was placing a few trades a week though a friend with success.  It was limited to whether I found a good setup and he was in a good enough mood.  IContinue Reading

Risk/reward ratio is bullsh$t.

When people ask what is a good risk reward ratio, I think they ask for the wrong reasons.  Risk/reward is not about an expected outcome it is about trade selection or trade elimination. By only taking a trade with an X for 1 ratio you are eliminating trades.  By only taking these types of tradesContinue Reading

Accepting responsibility for your good and bad trades.

When a trade works really well what do you look at first?  The market or yourself? When a trade doesn’t work what do you look at first?  The market or yourself? Accepting responsibility for both gives you motivation and reminds you of the risks. Empowers If you take the focus off of yourself and put itContinue Reading

As traders, this is what we are certain of about the market or trading.

A few weeks ago I started an open thread, What are you certain about the market or trading? I started with a few of my own: If I do not take it will take from me. You are only as good as your last trade. Rigidity and complacency ends careers. Always get paid for taking risk.Continue Reading

When you can’t get past it, you keeping paying for it.

When I was probably 6 or 7 there was a nice couple, Marvi and Raymond, whose house we would go to while my mother was working.  One time I was riding in the back seat and gum came out of my mouth.  It fell to the carpet and stuck there.  I moved the mat overContinue Reading

Difference between a good scratch and a bad scratch.

By scratching, I mean getting out at or near where you got in, resulting in little to no loss or gain. When I enter a trade, psychologically that money is gone. I have assumed the outcome of a trade to be a loss, at least initially. This is not because I am pessimistic, but ofContinue Reading

Being perfect is not worth the risk.

It is hard to be perfect. If you are perfect than you probably aren’t accomplishing much. Aiming for perfection in trading is exceptional risky. Psychological Risk One of the biggest problems new traders have is focusing on the wrong things. I did it, everyone does it. Being perfect is one of those things. Perfect isContinue Reading

Two essential things that are preventing you from recovering after a losing trade.

You are not a trader until you have come back from a brutal loss.  Here are two things that may prevent you from getting you back faster. An inability to put into perspective time and money. The day in long and your career is as long as you want it to be or do theContinue Reading

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