Are you using information wrong?

Why do you use information? The answer to this question is dependent on what you want to do with the information. Your desire for an outcome is directly proportionate to the amount of information you seek. Information is used to make an informed decision or to make no decision at all. Information gathering tricks us into thinking we are accomplishing something.

Be honest with yourself, why do you gather information? I use information to cope, I use it to trick myself into thinking I am accomplishing something; I use it to prevent myself from realizing a sometimes illogical failure. The problem is not the information the problem is me. It happened as a new trader and happens in other parts of my life.

I eventually changed because it became so uncomfortable to not use the information. The problem with some is it may take a lifetime. In fact, I know this happens. Obviously, I am not saying to bet it all on black. You need to understand risk and accept it. If you have the money to lose, the only money that you should ever risk, it is something else.

Fear of failure? Disappointing someone? Fear of success? Fear of hard work? It could be so many things. If you are trying to accomplish something great you will stumble. You have to love it. The path will be littered with failure. Every time I have a setback in trading or life I realize that I am not the only one. I know that others will have the setback and will quit. If I can make it till tomorrow, I get their portion of the pie. They assumed the risk and did not get the reward, it is my reward now.

You do not need to fail to succeed, but if you do fail, fail with a purpose.

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