Where to find profit.

The market is a curator of information.  It does not always tell the story at the same pace that it gets the information.  This is partly because, depending on the participants, different parts of the story makes sense or are not important, yet.  It may be that the market does not care about that input or it may never care.  It may take so long for the market to care that we forget about.  Rarely, but it does happen that it forgets about it forever.

The prices it trades when the story matters and how much it changes is what speculators are looking for.  The profit is found between the price when the story takes hold and how much the market reacts to it.  The profit comes in being in the move and being in it at time when it still matters to your bottom line.

Getting shaken out of a trade is part of trading.  My only suggestion is attempt to find what the market thinks is most important (usually a different market in a critical area or significantly stronger or weaker market).  Have the bullets when price confirms the story, get out as the story and price changes or as your trading plan dictates.

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