Why you need to develop your mental talent.

One part of mental talent is the ability to know yourself. Separating what is happening to you from what is happening and acting in an optimal manner. From an athletic perspective it is a way to overcome superior athletic ability. From a trading perspective, it makes it possible to compete with superior technology, better information, more experience, and more capital.

Listening to yourself is equally important as listening to the market. Your mind gives you clues but you have to listen. Your mind works as a lens to the market and world. It effects the way you see things. If there is mud on your lens the market and world will look much different. Mud causes you to look at what is happening to you and not what is happening. The correlation is very weak.

Some cues that there is too much mud on my lens.

Messy desk– I spend so much time at my desk, it is an extension of me. The amount of crap on it represents the amount of things I am thinking about. Without concentration I am not effective at anything.

Outlook- The most devastating trading thoughts I can have are invincibility or despair. Both make my mind less nimble and have a tendency to diminish my willingness to prepare. Subconsciously it shifts the results away from my control. I eat what I kill.

Irrational thoughts- Everyone has their own definition of rational. Stepping back from your current situation is always important. Your thoughts eventually become part of your DNA. Are they helpful thoughts? Do they prevent you from dying or prevent you from achieving?

I do not always have the mental energy or balls to address things to keep trading environment equilibrium (TEE) in balance but I know that I cannot trade until I do. I will try again tomorrow.

Some reasons to develop mental talent via Vaugn Center.

A Few Key Advantages to Training the Mind:

You will Cultivate the Ability to Perform in “the Zone” (aka – a state of Flow) with More Frequency. This happens when you are fully immersed into the game and everything seems to go your way. You are playing at a very high level, having powerful impact on the course of the game, while feeling totally cool, calm, and balanced inside. The single-indicator of whether or not an athlete steps up consistently as a leader on their team lies in their ability to shine in “a state of Flow” frequently.

You will Have a Mind that is Free from Distraction. It’s easy to maintain your focus at the start of a game, or when a coach is pushing you….but, most athlete’s lose their focus too easily and too often throughout the entire course of the game. Through training, you will be able to maintain laser-like focus and concentration for a long-period of time.
You will Perform with Clarity of Mind. Too many athletes carry the burden of the past into the present moment. Stress about relationships, family, politics on the team, finances, or issues caused in the media can create a lot of adversity for athletes. This clouds their vision. Even at a very subtle level, when a grudge or disappointment lingers it clouds your ability to have perfect vision and powerful clarity so that you can get out of your own way and make the big plays when they’re needed.

You will Master the Art of Spontaneous Right Action. This is the ability to make plays creatively on the fly. Although, plays are practiced to unfold a certain way… more often than not they don’t go as planned. But, if your mind is programmed to execute in a limited way, you won’t be able to make the “Wow!” play when things on the field are shaking loose. Think of Barry Sanders, Marshall Faulk, and Reggie Bush. They have the ability to respond creatively on the field and make things happen that NO ONE could ever have planned for or even imagined. This is what I call – Spontaneous Right Action.

You will be an Authentic Leader. It’s one thing to be a leader on your team because of physical talent. Naturally, the best players become positioned as leaders for their teammates. An Authentic Leader is different. An Authentic Leader is someone who steps beyond the game and stands for something that influences their city, their state, their country, and the world. Think of Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints in 2009. This is the essence of what we call “The Cosmic Athlete”. There are many of them out in the world today…but not enough. With this training, you will use the stage of sport to step into the game of life – and influence the world by making the mark you really want to make.

Finally, and Most Importantly, Mental Talent Dramatically Improves Your Physical Talent. When you are playing completely stress-free, your body performs so efficiently that you won’t run out of energy. You will be more flexible, more agile, and have more quickness which allows you to be one step ahead of your opponent as well as prevent the risk of serious injuries. Because you have rid your body of unnecessary tension, you will run faster and more fluidly so that you can make big-time plays – down after down.

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