Why we are heading towards a financial literacy disaster.

This criticism, and all others, are not spoken from some golden throne.  I make mistakes, many many mistakes. And I understand that media companies have to have eyeballs to sell advertisement.  I get that, this is not about taking away someones ability to make a living.  But, the goal of a media company should not be to be the highest on the bottom of the barrel.  And once again, this is only one example but it is an egregious one so I will point it out.  One time does not make a trend but a trend always starts from one time.

Once again, everything on this site is not perfect. There are some shit things, maybe even this article.  I am trader who happens to write.

In the past 7 or so months I have learned a lot about reading habits.  If you are a publisher write about HFT, Apple, Goldman Sachs and you will see a significant rise in per post traffic.  That is what people want to read.  Not because they want to learn something new but because emotionally it sticks.  They are polarizing topics and often come with confirmation bias.

My biggest concern is when these publications pass off opinions as journalism. Using children to make is a point is reprehensible. Those anti-smoking commercials with children are hideous.  Yes smoking is bad and bad for others around. And teaching adults about finance through an 8th grader is along those sames lines. I realize this was done for a project but it sounds like an advertisement. I would have shut up about it if the writer, I mean republisher, did not act as if they were giving us life changing information.  The video is well done for a classroom setting but should not appear on a financial network website.

Also, thank you Mr. Thompson for tagging Tim Geither. You just keep on giving and giving.  Here is the link and video below.

When someone is giving you information, including me, just take a few moments and consider why. Most importantly are they giving you the whole story. I have already spent enough time on this subject and if I have I will spend even more time. It is hard for me to not take it to a personal level. For the record, I am bias too, I believe people should accept responsibility for their outcomes. If the rules have changed play a different game. I should be pissed because I never got to benefit from the “easy” times.

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